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  • Returning to God's Beauty 

    What hinders us to open up our beauty? Understand what kind of “flower“ you are, and how to flourish and reflect God's beauty. Returning to the beauty that is created by God, Aleona, as a professional in the fashion business, confirms that God made every woman beautiful. 

  • Your Biggest Dream

    God gives all of us a big dream inside of ourselves that we must find and make come true through His guidance and power. Aleona shares her personal testimony about every step she and her husband took to pursue their dream, and what kind of danger they had to overcome with the gracious help of Mighty God. 

  • Song of Love

    The Song of Solomon is the song of God's love for our heart. Aleona discovered the priceless source of God's love, grace and joy through “Song of Songs" and illustrated this book while going through difficult personal circumstances. This session inspires participants to seek God at a deeper level through prayer and His Word. 


Fashion Course:

Introduction to

the Haute Couture Art.


  • Fashion Inspiration.

  • How to create a successful Etsy shop.

  • Building a Fashion Collection

  • Accents and details in Fashion.

  • Style and Time. Fashion.

  • Great Fashion designers. CD 

  • History of Fashion. 

  • Fashion Jewellery .

Creating inspiration sketches 

Even if can’t draw at all, you can create wonderful sketches using technique of collage and blots. Can you

blot and tear newspapers, don’t you?

Your inspiration sketches will inspire you to make new creative works or will become decorations at the

walls of your house: in any case free creativity will fill your heart with the joy.

Keynote Speech


In this presentation, Aleona shares her inspiring testimony about how her faith in God and his power working in her life have allowed her to reach her dream. In the 1990s, Aleona was an unknown fashion designer, and the wife of a small church minister from the poor Russian town of Tver. Through many miracles, God enabled her to make a haute couture collection of dresses valued at $500,000 that have been exhibited throughout the world to glorify Christ.


This seminar includes an 8-minute slide show about this collection that illustrates the Bible’s message—from Creation through Christ’s redemptive death, resurrection, and ascension.      


Aleona also teaches that God made every woman to be beautiful, a beauty that shines from the inside out because of the Holy Spirit. She relates how she was inspired to create beautiful artwork after reading "Song of Solomon." Despite the trauma of losing her business, health, and friends, God worked through this Bible book to bring her closer to Him and help her to find hope, strength, and unique purpose in her life. Her presentation concludes with a slide show of her artistic rendering of "Song of Solomon" that will inspire people to seek God with all their heart.

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