Olive Tree in the Garden of God - an Old Bible Story told through the language of high fashion.

God gave to Aleona Isakova a vision of a fashion collection which illustrates, in 52 gowns, the message of creation, incarnation, the beatitudes, the alabaster vessel, the death and mourning of Christ, redemption and the resurrection.

  'I saw beauty from heaven,' she says, without explanation, but with tears in her eyes, as she remembers what God showed her. 'It was as if God commissioned the whole collection!'


 They had to walk by faith. Rationing had made life hard in Tver, with long queues for bread or washing powder, and yet Aleona was miraculously kept busy, unlike the other local tailors, and they were able to plough profit from sales of everyday clothes into a prototype collection of seven dresses, made in the poor-quality materials available. These were seen on Russian TV and many were touched by the message of the gospel which Aleona preached.

 The vision began to come to fruition after many discouragements and hardships, when a Russian businessman paid off their depts. and a Swiss businessman approached them with an open heart and wallet. 'God's told me to give you whatever you need. Of course, I'm Indifferent to fashion, but if that's what God wants, then let's do it!' he said, and obediently provided finance for the whole collection. Thanks to this man's generosity, Aleona was at last able to use haute couture silks from Milan, Paris and Lyon.

Her beautiful, delicate designs emphasise beauty and purity, rather than sensuality or frugality. The Alabaster Vessel, a sumptuous dress which illustrates the jar of perfume which was poured over the feet of the Lord, uses 15 metres of Lyon silk, which costs almost $180 per metre!

 Rather than worshipping the gods of fashion in Paris, Aleona knew the Lord had shown her the collection being seen in Jerusalem. In September 1998, her show, entitled The Olive Tree in the Garden of God took place in the heart of Jerusalem, where Jesus Himself walked. 360 influential people attended the show, and the glory of God was proclaimed.

  Preaching aloud about Jesus in Jerusalem can be dangerous, but the dresses spoke with eloquence about His sufferings and glory. The Holy Spirit shut my mouth,' Aleona says, ’and He touched many of the people present. Many wrote to the man who hosted the show, expressing their awareness of God's presence as the story unfolded. Just as a humble little donkey carried the King of Kings Into Jerusalem, this collection gave an unique opportunity for the high flyers in the fashion industry to see the glory of God.


 None of the dresses are for sale, since this is a message in fashion, not a commercial venture’.

Article from NFI Magazine NO5 1999


Aleona have a dream about shows in Los Angeles and Washington, in Paris, London and Beijing.

She believes that God wants to use this unusual tool of worship – “velvet liturgy” – so that those people who don’t know Him yet can find Him and give Him all Glory!


To read the text of Aleona's testimony

click here:

a dress "The Righteousness of Jesus"

a dress "The Grace of Jesus"

a dress "Crucifixion. Pietta"

a dress "The Blood of Jesus"

a dress "The Resurrection"

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